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Writing Student’s Diploma

Write a diploma for my students with calligraphic style of handwriting has become a routine task for me. On my previous school, it became my assignments, almost every year. And here in my new school,Al Irsyad Satya, again… I got … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Singers

It’s been on several occasions that some girls (especially) from our school, Al Irsyad Satya, came forward and sing songs in front of public/audience. So far, their performances have been spread to school event and competition. The latest performance of … Continue reading

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Training for Teachers

This week, our students have got their holiday, while us, the teachers, still have to come to school and do some school stuff. One of it is training for teachers. It is Hypno-teaching training, presented by pulpen, an association who … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

This month, our students in 3 levels are graduated at the same time, ranging from pre-school to Secondary. As usual, the procession of graduation being celebrated by a variety of performance of students. Previously, I’ve heard voices of some parents … Continue reading

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