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I Am A Teacher

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. ~Karl Menninger Glancing into my world, the observant sees… Students seeking guidance A sea of eyes filled with determination, defiance, and … Continue reading

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“Instructions For Life”

I got this from, modify it a little and share it here. Hope it will brighten up our days. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. Memorize your favorite poem. Don’t believe all you hear. When … Continue reading

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How to Draw Perspective

This is the simple sample, basic skill to draw perspective drawing. Secondary 2 students will working on it for this upcoming weeks. Enjoy it, students 😉 The next one is rather complicated.

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Let’s Blogging!

My students in Secondary 3 are working on blogging nowadays. I ask them to manage one blog of their own so I can see their progress on arranging stuff for their own blog. According to the theme, I might see … Continue reading

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How to Draw Perspective Drawing

This is a sample of how to draw perspective with 2 vanishing points. I will teach my secondary students about it. I will start with the simple one, drawing with one vanishing point and later they have to learn how … Continue reading

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Perspective View of a Trailer Truck

(68 unread) Yahoo! Mail, batikmania Perpective Drawing is going to be the next assignment of Secondary 2 students. Be prepared, then. Bring your long ruler, sharp point pencil (mechanical pencil will be the best), and eraser.  We are going to … Continue reading

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Super Teacher Seminar with Mario Teguh

Monday, 28 Desember 2009, I attended a super seminar performed by Mario Teguh in Sabuga (Sasana Budaya Ganesha). I knew the information through a invitation to an event, sent by a friend who works in Rumah Zakat Indonesia, which is … Continue reading

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