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Personality Quiz: Personality Type Quiz

Personality Type Quiz Quizzes by Intellectual Personality Type You’€™re really smart, obviously, but you’€™re more book smart, than street smart. You like reading, watch the news, and love discussing whatever is going on in the world. You enjoy being … Continue reading

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Traditional House Model Competition

It’s been a ‘heavy’ day for me. After struggling on the street, “fighting” the heavy traffic jam this morning, I finally reached school and soon accompany Hillma (the student) to go to other school where a competition will be held. … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise

My article about the struggle of being a teacher, a dream I have had since I was still a little girl in elementary school, has been published in an Indonesian women’s magazine in Indonesia. “Chic”, is one of the magazines … Continue reading

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Around Our School

This month it’s going to be my second years in Al Irsyad Satya, the school where I’m teaching now. Last night we spent the night at school, chaperoning Primary 6 students on a short training to prepare them facing the … Continue reading

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