Traditional House Model Competition

SDC10920It’s been a ‘heavy’ day for me. After struggling on the street, “fighting” the heavy traffic jam this morning, I finally reached school and soon accompany Hillma (the student) to go to other school where a competition will be held. It is an Art & Craft competition. The theme this year is “Traditional House in Indonesian Culture”. Student -guided by the teacher- should make a model of traditional house.

We arranged model of Northern Sulawesi traditional house. The real one is made from wood, but the one we’re making here is made from thick board (we call it daluang paper). And we brought another one, the half done, which is the model being brought to the place where the competition takes place. The student must finish the model without assistance of the teacher.

More than 5 hours we were there. Once in a while, I’m telling my student to do this and that , and I forced myself not to help her on doing the rest of the work, since it is part of the points to be marked. After 2 o’clock, she finished her work -though I expect more from her ;))

I have already have a feeling of winning one of the prize, although I know the other competitors are tough. Their works are good, they are full of confidence, the models of the traditional houses are also unique, but at least… we’ve done our best.

And… alhamdulillah… We won the 3rd prize on the competition. We might not the best, but at least we’re not the worst either. 😉 Here is the picture of the model plus the trophy that we won.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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