With A Little Assistance

It’s very difficult to make time to write about my students’ activities to be post on my blog. I need special time and effort to write in English, which sometimes I just delay and finally forgot to do so.

After several months of absence, there are many artworks of my students that has not been documented and shared publicly. Want to share this. And I make it easier with the assistance of muzy.com. I can make a photo collage of my students’ works. Here are two of them.

Muzy-Leaves Painting

Leaves Printing. My Primary 1 students made these. The boys did it quickly, as fast as they could, didn’t really mind with the final result. Meanwhile, the girls were quite slow but did it very well. It’s difficult to tell them to stop working and getting ready for dismissal. But anyway, here are some of their works:

Muzy-Simple Sculpture-Bee

3D clay-moulding. It is also my Primary 1’s works. I led them to make basic shapes such as water droplet, ball, worm, and leaf to create the shape of a bee. Some of them brought their own dough, the high quality ones, which is not too oily and come up with various range of colours. Compare to the one provided by school, it is too oily so they will need more soap to wash their hands. But anyway, they created such fine artworks. Here are some of theirs.


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