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Polling Device in the Class

Math become favorite lesson lately. The material seems to be easier after practiced and trained many times, and it is also delivered in an interesting and varied methods. Ms.Pury, one of our math teacher, often uses technology to attract our students’ attention … Continue reading

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My Writing Target, Meet The Deadline

Finally… I finished printing my book to be, the script that I send to a book writing competition. Just in time, one day before the deadline 😉 The title chosen for the front cover is: Idul Fitri di Rumah Kakek (Eid al-Fitr at … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day and Progress Report

December 23, 2010, my last day seeing my students this year. Today they will receive their report book, after studying for one semester. These days we’ve been busy preparing the book reports for  the children, preparing them to perform on stage celebrating mother’s day. Ya… ya… Indonesia celebrating mother’s day on 22 December, but because of its close coincidence moment, finally we ‘wrapped up’ these event … Continue reading

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Teacher Training

I left school for several days to attend a teacher training. It was held in a military barrack. I’ve been there once when I was still in high school, so the situation is quite familiar to me. We were sleeping … Continue reading

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Subject: the smiling lady

Asl WR WB. Ms. Dee. Rinad is so sad that she doesn’t get to see you in her classes anymore. She feels the same about Ms. Shita. Somehow she looks up to both of you. One day in a near … Continue reading

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Training for Teachers

This week, our students have got their holiday, while us, the teachers, still have to come to school and do some school stuff. One of it is training for teachers. It is Hypno-teaching training, presented by pulpen, an association who … Continue reading

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Draw and Tell Competition

Last Weekend, I was accompanied one of my student to join a draw and tell competition. It was a package of competition, where the participants are encouraged to draw an illustration (or a set of illustration) of Indonesian folk tales, … Continue reading

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Recently, I joined an online community entitled Kids-Space.org. This is a good site about art and stuff. Suitable for me as an art teacher. I can share my students’ works and make them proud that their works can be viewed … Continue reading

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I Am A Teacher

From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. ~Karl Menninger Glancing into my world, the observant sees… Students seeking guidance A sea of eyes filled with determination, defiance, and … Continue reading

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Super Teacher Seminar with Mario Teguh

Monday, 28 Desember 2009, I attended a super seminar performed by Mario Teguh in Sabuga (Sasana Budaya Ganesha). I knew the information through a invitation to an event, sent by a friend who works in Rumah Zakat Indonesia, which is … Continue reading

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