Class Performance

Last Wednesday (27 November 2013) is time for Class Performance in our school, and it’s P1 Damascus’ turn to perform. We created collaborative between the two subjects taught by us, the FTs to present the performance.
In Indonesian Language lesson, Miss Irma has taught the students to write poem, and Damascus P1 students have natural ability to be poets. Poetic words came from the students, the kids who are averaged 7 years old. They were able to write nice poems about family,  friends, or teachers. Then… let it become a poetry parade to be the main theme of our performance. Four people among our students became reader of poetry. Meanwhile, the other children will be singing to accompany on the opening and closing sessions of poetry readings. I myself, took part as accompaniment on my guitar, only with the usual simple tune, just enough to make our performance look a little ‘ more colorful ‘.
It was for sure, it makes us look more colorful in the real terms. It was the idea of my partner, Miss Irma, to prepare flowers and give it to some teachers of Al Irsyad. Yes, we want to commemorate Indonesia teacher’s day which was on November 25.

P1 Damascus Class Performance

P1 Damascus Class Performance

So the performance began with a cheerful song about teacher. After that, the students read the poems. The themes are about friend, mother, and teacher. Our performance was closed with the same song as the opening, and after that my students spread out to meet the teachers and give flowers for them. It’s a pity that we didn’t prepare enough amount of flowers for all teachers, so only some got the opportunity to get the flower. And our vice principal, Mr. Deden, he got 4 flowers alone… While we, the FTs, didn’t even got any. smile 🙂 But we were happy that although the practice sessions were so short, children can performed well and confidently. They knows their roles very well. All happy because in addition to enjoying the performance from us, there were some teachers who earned a token of love from our interest. Happy teachers day, all. And for my students, especially the kids in P1 Damascus, in fact we also learn from you. 😉


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