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Australian Souvenir

This term, we have one Australian boy in our school. He takes some subjects in Secondary 3, included Art & Culture. One of the projects we are doing in the classroom is simple sculpturing. Students are encouraged to carve a … Continue reading

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Padang, We Care

This year, there are many earthquakes hit Indonesia. One of the biggest was happened in Padang area in West Sumatera province. More than 1000 people died while other thousands are injured. Some other were lost, never been found. Many houses … Continue reading

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My First Trophy

After the long waiting, finally the dateline met its limit. I managed to maintain another blog to  take a part on a blog writing competition held by Pusat Bahasa, but organized by The blog must focus on language or … Continue reading

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From My Lovely Students

My mother passed away on 7th November after hospitalized for more than two weeks, struggled with stroke that paralyzed her. I was off from school for several days, leave my poor students (and colleagues, for sure). Why poor? Because I … Continue reading

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