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Welcome, Ramadhan Mubarak

Welcome Ramadan. A simply friendly greeting to welcome the upcoming of the holy month, Ramadan. May Allah SWT pleased and give us His mercy and grace, instructions and guidance, so that all Muslims back to the right path of His … Continue reading

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Subject: the smiling lady

Asl WR WB. Ms. Dee. Rinad is so sad that she doesn’t get to see you in her classes anymore. She feels the same about Ms. Shita. Somehow she looks up to both of you. One day in a near … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

This month, our students in 3 levels are graduated at the same time, ranging from pre-school to Secondary. As usual, the procession of graduation being celebrated by a variety of performance of students. Previously, I’ve heard voices of some parents … Continue reading

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My Students’ Blog Goes to Final!!!

I heard the exciting and surprising news on Thursday morning. My students’ blogs goes to final on an event held by Karisma ITB, called Festival Gedung Kayu. They are Aryo, Yassy and Nurul, my students in Secondary 3. It will … Continue reading

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Draw and Tell Competition

Last Weekend, I was accompanied one of my student to join a draw and tell competition. It was a package of competition, where the participants are encouraged to draw an illustration (or a set of illustration) of Indonesian folk tales, … Continue reading

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Let’s Recycle!

Starting this new term, -the last term in this academic year-,  I am searching for some recycle projects to do with my students. Looking for some inspirations, I searched on google and find thousands of websites to access, with soooo … Continue reading

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Saman Dance

Very bright performance of Saman dance. We would like to learn this dance to be performed in front of audience. We are practicing now, a simpler set of saman dance. Secondary students have the honour to do this. Good luck, … Continue reading

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Still Life Art Works

This term, Secondary 1 learn about Still Life Drawing. Showed them some links on youtube on drawing still life so they can learn from the experts. For several weeks, they practice drawing many objects. The final assignment is drawing an … Continue reading

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How to Draw Perspective

This is the simple sample, basic skill to draw perspective drawing. Secondary 2 students will working on it for this upcoming weeks. Enjoy it, students 😉 The next one is rather complicated.

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Let’s Blogging!

My students in Secondary 3 are working on blogging nowadays. I ask them to manage one blog of their own so I can see their progress on arranging stuff for their own blog. According to the theme, I might see … Continue reading

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