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My Beautiful Butterfly

I searched for information on how to make origami butterfly. I’m going to make it as the first task for my students in Primary 2. Looking for guidance from the internet, thank God… it is really doable. Some diagrams are available. So I look at the instructions of … Continue reading

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Subject: the smiling lady

Asl WR WB. Ms. Dee. Rinad is so sad that she doesn’t get to see you in her classes anymore. She feels the same about Ms. Shita. Somehow she looks up to both of you. One day in a near … Continue reading

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Simple Collage

Last Assignment for my Primary 1 students is a simple collage. They worked on it for weeks, 3 weeks to make it precise. I give them a raw picture, the scenery of a house and tree, and the students have … Continue reading

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Recently, I joined an online community entitled Kids-Space.org. This is a good site about art and stuff. Suitable for me as an art teacher. I can share my students’ works and make them proud that their works can be viewed … Continue reading

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Australian Souvenir

This term, we have one Australian boy in our school. He takes some subjects in Secondary 3, included Art & Culture. One of the projects we are doing in the classroom is simple sculpturing. Students are encouraged to carve a … Continue reading

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Art Room

As an Art teacher, I finally got my chance to ‘decorate’ Art Room in our school. Although it is still so empty, bare, without any furniture inside, but at least it has display area at one side of the room. … Continue reading

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Primary 2 Project (Clay-moulding)

I arranged activity with clay for Primary 2 this term. It is good to practice their motor skill. I prepare one block (approximately to 1 kg) of clay for each student. They have been told to bring old big t-shirt … Continue reading

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Primary 4 got one session of Glass-Art project. It’s simple, and fun! I prepare small glasses (actually could be used glass or glass bottle) for the students. I also prepare the paint, glass-art or Art-deco, the brand could be anything, … Continue reading

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