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Mother’s Day

We, Indonesian, celebrate Mother’s Day on December 22. History noted that on December 22 1938, on the 3rd Indonesian Women Conference, it is declared as Mother’s Day in Indonesia. This year, just before the term end, I asked the students … Continue reading

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My Students’ Achievements

Saturday, 12 December 2009. Our school went to Safari Park, Bogor to have end term learning journey. It supposed to be a (quite) short trip, but unexpectedly, one bus got trouble on its way home. The other bus has to … Continue reading

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Manasik Hajj and Aidil Qurban

Our school held two events connected to Aidil Adha occasion. The first one is Manasik Hajj, where the students were taking part on that activity. Not every students… just Kindergarten 2 students, Primary 5 & 6, and Secondary 2 & … Continue reading

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