Graduation Day

This month, our students in 3 levels are graduated at the same time, ranging from pre-school to Secondary. As usual, the procession of graduation being celebrated by a variety of performance of students. Previously, I’ve heard voices of some parents who want all of their the children to get involved in the performance. They don’t want us, the teachers, choose only some “talented” students, which -in their opinion- the same person from year to year (well… it’s our third year in this school, and our students are not too many, anyway. We could participate all of them to perform on the stage. The parents might not know, how difficult that ‘task’ would be). But it’s OK, we try to facilitate it. Al Irsyad Satya can 😉
All class members have the opportunity to perform on stage. The Primary 1 students recite the pledge, while P-2 shake the stage sang song in three languages: Hariku (Indonesian), My Day (English), and Yaumi (Arabic). I composed the song 😉

P-3 students are beating the tambourine and reciting shalawat, whereas P-4 and P-5 students share the role. All the girls and some boys singing the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, while others joined their brothers in the Secondary classroom to play percussion. It’s fun! Secondary girls, once again, performed traditional dance, Saman dance beautifully.

Saman dance performance by the Secondary girls. Awesome.

And where are the students of P-6 and Sec-3? They were certainly “displayed” at the front row, as graduates who are ready to continue their education to the next level, higher ones. There are special procession they have to do. They are proud and happy, although they haven’t got their diploma yet. The future is still very wide spread in front of them, my children.
There are 15 graduates of our schools (Primary & Secondary). Most of them are planning to continue their education in Al Irsyad Satya, while three of them have plan to continue to other institutions in Bandung area. There is one boy who pass the selection to a boarding school in Malaysia. Good luck all. No matter where you are studying, hopefully you guys will manage to get the best for yourselves, for your parents’ sake, for your nation and religion too. Insya Allah. Amiin.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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