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Draw and Tell Competition

Last Weekend, I was accompanied one of my student to join a draw and tell competition. It was a package of competition, where the participants are encouraged to draw an illustration (or a set of illustration) of Indonesian folk tales, … Continue reading

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Still Life Art Works

This term, Secondary 1 learn about Still Life Drawing. Showed them some links on youtube on drawing still life so they can learn from the experts. For several weeks, they practice drawing many objects. The final assignment is drawing an … Continue reading

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

14 February, it is counted as Chinese new year. Nowadays, it is considered as a universal celebration, although we are not celebrating it because we are muslim. Just to give my students a glimpse knowledge about that, I asked them … Continue reading

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How to Draw Perspective

This is the simple sample, basic skill to draw perspective drawing. Secondary 2 students will working on it for this upcoming weeks. Enjoy it, students 😉 The next one is rather complicated.

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How to Draw Perspective Drawing

This is a sample of how to draw perspective with 2 vanishing points. I will teach my secondary students about it. I will start with the simple one, drawing with one vanishing point and later they have to learn how … Continue reading

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Perspective View of a Trailer Truck

(68 unread) Yahoo! Mail, batikmania Perpective Drawing is going to be the next assignment of Secondary 2 students. Be prepared, then. Bring your long ruler, sharp point pencil (mechanical pencil will be the best), and eraser.  We are going to … Continue reading

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