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World Solidarity for Japan

One of my student write her status on her facebook wall like this: How can I help the Tsunami Victims? Seriously! How…? One of the other parent who incorporated in Indonesia origami community responded promptly. Sanggar Origami Indonesia initiate the movement of making … Continue reading

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Our Prayer for People in Japan

Friday afternoon, I heard the news about great earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter hit Japan. There were also threat of tsunami as high about 10 meters, on the northern part of Japan area. Sendai is the worst place that hit by the disaster. I … Continue reading

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Pray For Indonesia

Indonesia in grieve. So many disasters hit the country. Newspapers, radio and television put this news of Indonesian calamity as their headlines. Some time ago, we heard about big flood in Wasior, Papua. Flood washed away several villages. Many people … Continue reading

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BIG Reminder From Allah

We were still at school that day, just a few minutes before 3 PM. Some students have been picked up by their parents, but there are still many students left in the school area and the teachers for sure. Suddenly, … Continue reading

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Situ Gintung Tragedy

Some people called it as “Little Tsunami”, as it is a ‘natural’ disaster caused by big flood, just like what happened in Aceh, December 2004. Early morning, when the community just awaken to begin the day, suddenly the unstoppable water … Continue reading

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