I Am A Global Citizen

Dorsaf posted the picture of her cute baby girl smiling on her facebook wall. That little baby seems like to share the smile to the world, and invited the world to smile with her.

I wrote a short comment on the picture. In a very short period, she replied with a thank you note. She simply did it from her home in Pakistan.

In another part of the world, I got info from LinkedIn, that my friend Barbara had just opened her own online shop. She sells various kinds of hand-made items, and also a co-owner of IKEA shop in Austria where she lives now. I sent an e-mail for her. She replied a few days afterwards. She must be pretty busy with her new business. Occasionally, we have a chat through Skype.

Then I send a message to Eriko-san, my host mother in Japan. I told her how’s my life now as a teacher in an International school in Indonesia.

Ooh, what a life. I can get connected to all my friends all over the world, just by sitting in front of my computer. Getting to know how they are at the very moment, looking at the pictures they share, chatting with them. I’m happy that I can do all that, since I’m a global citizen, a member of this huge community of the world, united by English language. I love to be one. Thanks to TBI Riau, where I once learn English as the language of the world.

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Our Deepest Condolence

April the 3rd, we could still visited her in the High Care Unit Santosa Hospital, Bandung. And last night, I heard the sad news. Mdm. Elly, mother of Farhan (P4 Iman) and Fauzya a.k.a. Fia (P2 Iman), has passed away. Innalillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’uun. The graceful mother has been fighting leukemia that she had all this time. Her health suddenly dropped in a very short time. We heard news about her being transferred from ER, moved to the treatment room, ranging to ICU, had entered the regular room regular, then the HCU where we saw her some time ago. In a special treatment room, her children were not allowed to see her. No kids allowed in the special care unit. Really, I can not imagine how their might be longing to see each other. A mother who could not meet her son and daughter, and vice versa, it must be painful for them. “Please take care of Fia…” Mdm. Elly said weakly when ms. Yetti visited her. Fia which was in her class, not even 8 years yet, while his brother, Farhan, I think he hasn’t been 10 years. They were both very young, still need guidance and warmth of their mother’s arms. But God’s plan is inevitable. Mdm. Elly’s ‘battle’ should stop on Saturday afternoon. A funeral was set up to take place in Garut on Sunday morning. Allahummaghfirlaha warhamha wa’afihi wa’fuanha. May Allah accept all good deeds of her, and place her in the best place. The prayer was spoken to the family-especially the children- who are left behind. May they steadfastly, and be patient accepting God’s destiny. Hopefully God will rejoined us all together in the heaven later. Ameen. Be righteous and pious children, will you, kids? So it could become her investment of your mother’s good deeds.

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Travelling to Other Countries

I got a message from a friend in Japan. She said that she’d like to come over to Bandung, meet me and do a little study about how Indonesian life-like. I agree.

She said that she’d like to travel to several countries, recording daily life of people in each country, and get the main idea  how people in the world are common. It’s a great idea, so we can see people based on their similarity instead of difference. She also would like to highlight how English is being used in different countries. That will be interesting, I believe 😉

Well… English will definitely makes it easier to travel around and visiting some countries. How I really want to do too. I’d like to visit some countries, meet other teachers and get some creative ideas about teaching. I’d like to compile all those stories into a book. Possible? I believe so.

improve my communication skills-pic: courtesy of TBI.co.id

And about my English proficiency, I really need to keep improving it. Take some English class/course might help, I believe. TBI is the first institution that came across my mind. I heard TBI have many native speakers, so we can improve our English faster. If we are in the English community, then we have no choice but speak, think, read and write the language. I have to prepare myself to communicate in English -that if I want to keep my dream to travel around the globe come true-.  I really wish that this dream of mine will come true in a near future. Insya Allah.

This blog post is included in Blog Entry  Competition, with the theme Inspiring and Empowering through TBI, in collaboration with Blogfam and http://www.tbi.co.id

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“Jackpot” on the First Day of School

The first day of school on the 2nd semester. Two children did not come to school. The spirit of the children and teachers are still soaring up to the sky-high after being re-charge during the holiday. Some children did not going anywhere during holiday, and spent the holiday at home. But still, the first day of school brought its own excitement.
Half the day had passed when a child came towards me, asking permission to go to the toilet. Of course I allowed him to immediately go to the toilet, since the teacher who supposed to teach hasn’t come to the class yet. Before long, he returned back to the classroom, reporting.
“Miss … I wanted to pooped, but I got diarrhea. My pants are dirty…” Whew!!! You got hit by the jackpot on the very first day of school. The child didn’t prepare any extra clothes to change. Fortunately, there was one other child who had brought complete package of clothes. Pants, t-shirt, singlet and briefs, all in the package. Umm … may we borrow it? Fortunately he was kindly allowed his friend to borrow his clothes. Isn’t he a nice kid, uh?
Then I brought the package of the clothes into the boy’s toilet. Yeah, right, you did not misread it. I, that in fact is an original female, must entered the boy’s toilet to assist the poor boy who got wet his pants. He could clean himself, but he still need to be guided. Well, he is a Primary 1 student, anyway.
There were two or three times that other boy was found to be ‘shocked’ when they found me in their toilet. Sorry boys… my purpose is only doing my business. No intention to do any harassment.
No matter happen, I won’t let this “jackpot incident” ruin my first day of school. It was the first one in this term, although my partner and have been experienced similar incident for several times already. It almost became a common occurrence in my class and the class next door. Last term only, there were about 6 ‘cases’ that happened in my class, with different children. My partner and I even counting each other, define the ‘lottery’ of who will got the next turn to ‘deal’ with the kid.
And started the second half of this school year, I hope that would be the one and only incident. I really hope the children would prepare spare clothes to keep in class locker. Hopefully it doesn’t have to be used, just let it stored neatly in the locker for the whole semester, to be taken home again at the end of the semester.

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Heroes Day Commemoration in Our School

Heroes’ Day commemoration in our school, Al Irsyad Satya Islamic School, lasted with a blast. Morning 10 November, assembly area has been ‘transformed’ into a simple stage to perform a few scenes of a bloody events happened in front of hotel Yamato in Surabaya 46 years ago, in a socio-dramatic performance.
Setting of the hotel was made from used cardboard that was pasted in front of the futsal goal post. At the top, a symbol of Dutch flag was placed, the red-white-blue flag as a symbol of the Netherlands.

On the left ‘stage’, attached on the transparent wall of the tower of the school big clock, the words “RRI Soerabaja“.  The students, especially those who were on the Primary level, been curious already of what would be presented before their eyes.

We were sitting lined up according to class, accompanied by the home room teacher, getting ready to watch a series of events to be held that morning. The narrator has already started with a short introduction, soon to be continued with poetry readings by two girls from Secondary. After that, a group of other students start performing the short drama which tells the story of the struggle and battle happened in Surabaya years ago, a historic moment that we are commemorating heroes day now.

The costumes of the ancient warrior or the Dutch figures were quite easily get and wore by every character who had a role in the drama. The storyline was packaged in a short but quite informative scenes. The act of every characters were fine, though I know that the preparations were made in a very short period. I salute all Secondary students and teachers who mentored them.

Haryanto at the top roof of hotel Yamato

And the peak scenes were the part of the torn of  the blue part of the Dutch flag, done by Haryanto at the top of hotel Yamato tower. It was so dramatic and made the audience cheered. “Long life Haryanto!” “Merdeka (Freedom)!” “Haryanto, I love you!” Uh … those words spontaneously spit out of my mouth, when I saw his heroic action. All eyes were on me. Ah … it was quite embarrassing. 😉

A bamboo shellfire enliven the show, became an integral complement of the overall socio-drama event. It was sign of the killing of General Mallaby when he was just came out from the hotel Yamato. Then Indonesia successfully defended its independency, so we can breathe the air of independency these days. Merdeka! Let’s commemorate and appreciate the services of the heroes and our ancestors!

Alvin as the honorable Diponegoro

One other event was hero costume contest made of newspaper. My group had to dress up one child as closely as possible with the figure of Diponegoro. O-ow … OK then. Armed with stacks of newspaper and cellotape, we had to dress-up one of our group members to become the legendary figure. And here is the result, the honorable Diponegoro. He looks so similar to the character, isn’t he? :):);)

So that’s all the events to commemorating heroes day this year. I hope it’s not only brought a deep impression for a day, but also leave a long thought to get to know our nation’s history trail, increase appreciation to the services of the heroes who have gone before us. Their struggle and battle to make Indonesia became an independent country are priceless. We thank them dearly, then we continue their spirit by doing our best to make Indonesia  continuing as an independent country. God willing, yes we can….!

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My First Quilting Project

I planned to submit another design for the Alfamart Photo Contest Batik Creative Challenge, but I cancelled my submission because of the regulation. One contestant can only submit one design/project, and I’ve submitted the reversible batik apron already. So I’ll just show this here on my blog posting. It’s a pair of pot holders. Yes, this one also reversible, with one letter on each side. They could be read as ALFA.

It’s a very simple project. Can I claim it as a quilt? Hm… Then I can say this is my first Quilting project. There will be another one, then. Insya Allah. Sewing, when it’s done like this Quilting project, is actually addicting 😉

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Reversible Batik Apron

I am an impulsive person. Yeah … yeah … I have to admit it. I am also a last minute person. But I usually finished the whatever assignments I have to be done at the last minute time, very close to the deadline. Like this one.
I have a short holiday after progress report last weekend. So I use my holiday time to work on my craft project, making a reversible batik apron. I’m going to submit it to a Batik Creative Challenge photo contest organized by Alfamart. The deadline is Saturday the 15th -which is tomorrow-, and I rushed finishing this reversible batik apron. In the previous day I had cut out the fabric, and in the next day I marked the seams with rader and carbon, and then speed up finishing in in half a day. Yess!!!
I’m pretty satisfied with my work. It’s easy to make, simple without the need to do anything extra to the seams because its all hidden inside. But if you want to get the best result, well… it means you cannot be lazy to go back and forth from sewing machine to the ironing table. But the result came up all right. Don’t you think? 😉Well… I’ve done something extra during my holiday time, how about you? Come on, take advantage of your vacation time …! Oh my God! I forgot that I should go to the car salon for an oil change and check the condition of the air conditioner. Ooops … then let me do it tomorrow. Insha Allah. After all the pictures of this reversible batik apron has been successfully displayed on Alfamart’s facebook wall as it required. Now I just have to wait for the result. Anyone would like to add some thumbs on the photos? I’d really appreciate it, and I better say thank you in advance 😉
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Eid Mubarak, Time To Be With Family

Eid moment this year, we spent together just with my sisters, three nephews and two nieces. Ramadan this year is memorable (well… I think all Ramadan are memorable, with its own memories, each year differently). There was incident and controversy of defining Syawal the 1st. The government decided to set Syawal the 1st (as we have to stop fasting and celebrate Eid) on August the 31st, while other decided to end Ramadan on 29 and celebrate Eid on 30. Ah… confusing. We stutter in the morning of (predicted) Eid day. But okay, that issue became one topic to write a blog posting in Kompasiana forum (I’m in the middle of writing addiction in Kompasiana ;))

The family. Left to right: Panji, me, bude Yayu (my eldest sister), bunda Trini, adik Rizki, mbak Layla, kakak Tasya. At the back row: tante Rani and Adam.

My sister Trini and her family came that morning. We had short chat for a while, took some photos, and then have to they leave, heading to another destination. And so, that’s the moment of the Eid day this year. This is the second Eid after our mum passed away. Without her presence, Eid moment certainly felt different. We miss you, mum.

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Eid Greetings

It is end of Ramadhan, the holy month. And I realized that there are so many things that I haven’t done, included 2 delayed blog postings that I haven’t published :(. There are still many things that I have not done it perfectly, although I realize well, that perfection is belong only in Him, Allah The Al Mighty.

Syawal is another new start that promising purity. I really hope that Allah will give us chance to become a better person, long live to meet another Ramadhan in the future.

I ask for forgiveness for all the wrongdoing and mistakes I made. May Allah accept our shaum, and made us a better muslim after Ramadhan. Ameen.

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Embracing Ramadhan

Monday, 1 August 2011, is happened to be the first of Ramadan 1432 Hijri. The first day of Ramadhan, it become a national holiday for school community, so the teachers can enjoy a day off as well. 😉 Marhaban yaa Ramadhan...!

School timetable has an adjustment according to Ramadhan month, the fasting month. As lunch time is trimmed, the students can have their dismissal sooner. Come on, then, let’s do fasting together, will you kids? I have already told my students in Primary 1 and 2 to do fasting. At least when they are at school, they should not eat nor drink. After that, whether in the car pool or at their own house they would want to have their lunch, then it become their parents’ responsibility. But actually, let’s imagine for the next few years, when the children can proudly tell you that they could do their fasting fully from dawn until dark (evening) since they are still in Primary 1. Oooh, it will be their achievement, and mom and dad will be proud and happy as well. They’ll become the light of your eyes, the precious jewel in the heaven.

So, let’s embrace Ramadhan with our pure heart and sincere intention to perform worship through the holy month with our best efforts. May we all pass Ramadhan and become a more pious person. Ameen.

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