I Am A Global Citizen

Dorsaf posted the picture of her cute baby girl smiling on her facebook wall. That little baby seems like to share the smile to the world, and invited the world to smile with her.

I wrote a short comment on the picture. In a very short period, she replied with a thank you note. She simply did it from her home in Pakistan.

In another part of the world, I got info from LinkedIn, that my friend Barbara had just opened her own online shop. She sells various kinds of hand-made items, and also a co-owner of IKEA shop in Austria where she lives now. I sent an e-mail for her. She replied a few days afterwards. She must be pretty busy with her new business. Occasionally, we have a chat through Skype.

Then I send a message to Eriko-san, my host mother in Japan. I told her how’s my life now as a teacher in an International school in Indonesia.

Ooh, what a life. I can get connected to all my friends all over the world, just by sitting in front of my computer. Getting to know how they are at the very moment, looking at the pictures they share, chatting with them. I’m happy that I can do all that, since I’m a global citizen, a member of this huge community of the world, united by English language. I love to be one. Thanks to TBI Riau, where I once learn English as the language of the world.

This blog post is included in Blog Entry  Competition, with the theme Inspiring and Empowering through TBI, in collaboration with Blogfam and http://www.tbi.co.id

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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2 Responses to I Am A Global Citizen

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    What you write is so true! I think I will copy it and have my English students read it. I tell my students that learning English is not about taking tests, that English is a useful tool for communication. Like you, I am happy to exchange e-mail with friends in Moscow, Norway, Shetland Islands, South America and Australia. This week I will meet a blogging friend as she visits Tokyo. I am as excited as a school girl.
    Communication is the first step in understanding.

    • batikmania says:

      I am happy if you find any benefit from my writing. Feel free to share with your students. I hope their understanding in English may increase and realize that learning English is not only to get the (high) score on any test, but more important is to get ability to communicate in that language as a global language.

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