“Jackpot” on the First Day of School

The first day of school on the 2nd semester. Two children did not come to school. The spirit of the children and teachers are still soaring up to the sky-high after being re-charge during the holiday. Some children did not going anywhere during holiday, and spent the holiday at home. But still, the first day of school brought its own excitement.
Half the day had passed when a child came towards me, asking permission to go to the toilet. Of course I allowed him to immediately go to the toilet, since the teacher who supposed to teach hasn’t come to the class yet. Before long, he returned back to the classroom, reporting.
“Miss … I wanted to pooped, but I got diarrhea. My pants are dirty…” Whew!!! You got hit by the jackpot on the very first day of school. The child didn’t prepare any extra clothes to change. Fortunately, there was one other child who had brought complete package of clothes. Pants, t-shirt, singlet and briefs, all in the package. Umm … may we borrow it? Fortunately he was kindly allowed his friend to borrow his clothes. Isn’t he a nice kid, uh?
Then I brought the package of the clothes into the boy’s toilet. Yeah, right, you did not misread it. I, that in fact is an original female, must entered the boy’s toilet to assist the poor boy who got wet his pants. He could clean himself, but he still need to be guided. Well, he is a Primary 1 student, anyway.
There were two or three times that other boy was found to be ‘shocked’ when they found me in their toilet. Sorry boys… my purpose is only doing my business. No intention to do any harassment.
No matter happen, I won’t let this “jackpot incident” ruin my first day of school. It was the first one in this term, although my partner and have been experienced similar incident for several times already. It almost became a common occurrence in my class and the class next door. Last term only, there were about 6 ‘cases’ that happened in my class, with different children. My partner and I even counting each other, define the ‘lottery’ of who will got the next turn to ‘deal’ with the kid.
And started the second half of this school year, I hope that would be the one and only incident. I really hope the children would prepare spare clothes to keep in class locker. Hopefully it doesn’t have to be used, just let it stored neatly in the locker for the whole semester, to be taken home again at the end of the semester.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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