Heroes Day Commemoration in Our School

Heroes’ Day commemoration in our school, Al Irsyad Satya Islamic School, lasted with a blast. Morning 10 November, assembly area has been ‘transformed’ into a simple stage to perform a few scenes of a bloody events happened in front of hotel Yamato in Surabaya 46 years ago, in a socio-dramatic performance.
Setting of the hotel was made from used cardboard that was pasted in front of the futsal goal post. At the top, a symbol of Dutch flag was placed, the red-white-blue flag as a symbol of the Netherlands.

On the left ‘stage’, attached on the transparent wall of the tower of the school big clock, the words “RRI Soerabaja“.  The students, especially those who were on the Primary level, been curious already of what would be presented before their eyes.

We were sitting lined up according to class, accompanied by the home room teacher, getting ready to watch a series of events to be held that morning. The narrator has already started with a short introduction, soon to be continued with poetry readings by two girls from Secondary. After that, a group of other students start performing the short drama which tells the story of the struggle and battle happened in Surabaya years ago, a historic moment that we are commemorating heroes day now.

The costumes of the ancient warrior or the Dutch figures were quite easily get and wore by every character who had a role in the drama. The storyline was packaged in a short but quite informative scenes. The act of every characters were fine, though I know that the preparations were made in a very short period. I salute all Secondary students and teachers who mentored them.

Haryanto at the top roof of hotel Yamato

And the peak scenes were the part of the torn of  the blue part of the Dutch flag, done by Haryanto at the top of hotel Yamato tower. It was so dramatic and made the audience cheered. “Long life Haryanto!” “Merdeka (Freedom)!” “Haryanto, I love you!” Uh … those words spontaneously spit out of my mouth, when I saw his heroic action. All eyes were on me. Ah … it was quite embarrassing. 😉

A bamboo shellfire enliven the show, became an integral complement of the overall socio-drama event. It was sign of the killing of General Mallaby when he was just came out from the hotel Yamato. Then Indonesia successfully defended its independency, so we can breathe the air of independency these days. Merdeka! Let’s commemorate and appreciate the services of the heroes and our ancestors!

Alvin as the honorable Diponegoro

One other event was hero costume contest made of newspaper. My group had to dress up one child as closely as possible with the figure of Diponegoro. O-ow … OK then. Armed with stacks of newspaper and cellotape, we had to dress-up one of our group members to become the legendary figure. And here is the result, the honorable Diponegoro. He looks so similar to the character, isn’t he? :):);)

So that’s all the events to commemorating heroes day this year. I hope it’s not only brought a deep impression for a day, but also leave a long thought to get to know our nation’s history trail, increase appreciation to the services of the heroes who have gone before us. Their struggle and battle to make Indonesia became an independent country are priceless. We thank them dearly, then we continue their spirit by doing our best to make Indonesia  continuing as an independent country. God willing, yes we can….!

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2 Responses to Heroes Day Commemoration in Our School

  1. sofi says:

    MERDEKA!!! Semoga anak-anak kita punya nasionalisme tinggi, di tengah kepungan globalisasi

  2. shita says:

    keren–keren jd pengen maen ke sana 🙂

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