Eid Mubarak, Time To Be With Family

Eid moment this year, we spent together just with my sisters, three nephews and two nieces. Ramadan this year is memorable (well… I think all Ramadan are memorable, with its own memories, each year differently). There was incident and controversy of defining Syawal the 1st. The government decided to set Syawal the 1st (as we have to stop fasting and celebrate Eid) on August the 31st, while other decided to end Ramadan on 29 and celebrate Eid on 30. Ah… confusing. We stutter in the morning of (predicted) Eid day. But okay, that issue became one topic to write a blog posting in Kompasiana forum (I’m in the middle of writing addiction in Kompasiana ;))

The family. Left to right: Panji, me, bude Yayu (my eldest sister), bunda Trini, adik Rizki, mbak Layla, kakak Tasya. At the back row: tante Rani and Adam.

My sister Trini and her family came that morning. We had short chat for a while, took some photos, and then have to they leave, heading to another destination. And so, that’s the moment of the Eid day this year. This is the second Eid after our mum passed away. Without her presence, Eid moment certainly felt different. We miss you, mum.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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