Embracing Ramadhan

Monday, 1 August 2011, is happened to be the first of Ramadan 1432 Hijri. The first day of Ramadhan, it become a national holiday for school community, so the teachers can enjoy a day off as well. 😉 Marhaban yaa Ramadhan...!

School timetable has an adjustment according to Ramadhan month, the fasting month. As lunch time is trimmed, the students can have their dismissal sooner. Come on, then, let’s do fasting together, will you kids? I have already told my students in Primary 1 and 2 to do fasting. At least when they are at school, they should not eat nor drink. After that, whether in the car pool or at their own house they would want to have their lunch, then it become their parents’ responsibility. But actually, let’s imagine for the next few years, when the children can proudly tell you that they could do their fasting fully from dawn until dark (evening) since they are still in Primary 1. Oooh, it will be their achievement, and mom and dad will be proud and happy as well. They’ll become the light of your eyes, the precious jewel in the heaven.

So, let’s embrace Ramadhan with our pure heart and sincere intention to perform worship through the holy month with our best efforts. May we all pass Ramadhan and become a more pious person. Ameen.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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    • batikmania says:

      Hello Jessica. Thanks for stopping by. I might visit your beautiful blog again in the near future 😉 Keep blogging and keep posting 😉

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