Polling Device in the Class

Math become favorite lesson lately. The material seems to be easier after practiced and trained many times, and it is also delivered in an interesting and varied methods. Ms.Pury, one of our math teacher, often uses technology to attract our students’ attention to study maths for more. One technology-based program used by ms. Pury is Polling Device. It is a kind of electronic survey tools. The data is being input, then the results can be directly acknowledged within a moment.
Polling devices can be used in Interactive Teaching Room or in the classroom. The preparation is quite time-consuming, while the execution just take several minutes. But when the children seems to be eager to learn, it makes the effort worth.
Ms. Pury uses ARS2007 program that has already installed in the computer (actually, it is already installed in our computer as well. Mine too :p). Set of questions and answer keys are made in separate file. All questions are made in the form of multiple choices. Usually, ms.Pury make 10-15 questions to be used in one session. Once stored in the folder, the files are ready to be used at any time.
When it is used, ms. Pury brought in in-focus projector to the classroom or bring the kids to the IT Room. The kids look so eager -though actually they are going to have exercise. When the in-focus projector is ready, each kid can get the remote to be used for data entry.

First, they have to check the availability of the power of the battery. Next, ms. Pury will start displaying the questions, one by one on the screen.

In a relatively short period of time, the kids must read and answer the questions appeared on the screen and choose/press one of the buttons on the remote they hold. Sorry to be sorry, the answer can not be revised, there is only one chance to hit.

Later, the result can be acknowledged directly on  the spot. Anyone who answer the question correctly or wrongly, it is also can be displayed on the same screen. And the final result? It’s like playing games, the top ranking until the lowest, all are shown clearly in front of their eyes.
In addition, ms. Pury can discuss the matter when it is necessary, immediately, emphasizing the problems that seems to be difficult for the kids. So similar mistakes in the future can be minimized and even avoided. Whatever result they found, the activity is still fun for them.

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