Shaken by Earthquake

Monday at dawn. Several minutes after three o’clock in the morning. I was awakened by constant shake on my bed and make sure that it was an earthquake. I wondered whether I had to get ready to go outside or not. Searched for my headscarf, I was thinking of other things that I might have to take outside. I was questioning myself whether it was quite ok to wear my pyjamas outside? Or should I changed?

Half sleepy, I was quite alert and thinking of finding information about the earthquake (I believe MetroTV or TVOne can provide reliable info about it), updating my status on facebook (coz it’s also important to keep exist and being narcissist :p), or get back to sleep. And I choose the third option 😉


In the morning, I finally found out about the earthquake. It was 7.1 magnitude, occurred at 293 km southwest of Cilacap, 10 km depth. Quite surprising, knowing that it was quite ‘close’ to my place (hundreds kilometers away, though) especially considering the epicenter was located at the Eurasian plate, where the Sunda plate, which rows of Java (the island I am living in) and Sumatera are located. Again, it made me wondering whether similar quakes would ‘spread’ to other places? Earth is being shaken, stretched out.
Well… it is obvious that we really have to do serious preparation about this. I have to prepare an emergency bag, filled with emergency supplies such as important papers, snacks and mineral water, medicine, clothes, hm … what else? Thinking of being like Doraemon with it’s magical pocket or  Hermione Granger who had magical small purse filled with every thing she need to travel around. How convenient. It was also important to keep reminding my students to always be alert, increased vigilance and preparedness in dealing with various situations. Perhaps we should held another earthquake simulation at school. Noted to be scheduled. Soon.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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4 Responses to Shaken by Earthquake

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    After nearly four weeks of after-shocks both big and small, I am thinking much the same thing. I began to sleep in sweat pants that could be warn should I have to run out during the night. Certainly having such things as important papers together so they might be grabbed s a bit comforting but while the house was shaking and things were flying and smashing I was not thinking about those things or near enough to grab anything other than my trembling dog,

    • batikmania says:

      I can’t imagine how would us, Indonesian, will do in such situation -constant after shocks in weeks? And recently just last night, I heard that Japan was shaken by another big quake 7,4 magnitude? Hope you all are OK, Julie.

  2. god that sounds teriffying hope you are ok

    • batikmania says:

      Thank you, Laura. I think it’s Japan that is still in our concern. Heard that another big earthquake hit it again last night (Thursday night). Hope they are all ok.

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