World Solidarity for Japan

One of my student write her status on her facebook wall like this: How can I help the Tsunami Victims? Seriously! How…?

One of the other parent who incorporated in Indonesia origami community responded promptly. Sanggar Origami Indonesia initiate the movement of making 110.311 origami cranes for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims. Let’s participate!

On Monday, it’s time for P2 Iman to have their Art & Culture session. We made origami crane in the classroom. Teaching P2 students to fold these cranes was quite time-consuming. They kept asking, how to do the next fold (though I’ve shown them how to), even asked for help to continue the process of the next fold. It end up with only 15 pieces of finished cranes in the Art & Culture lesson that day.

On Wednesday, its my class’s turn, P2 Ihsan to have Art & Culture session. The kids in my class seemed to be faster on following the instructions to make this origami crane. There were still children who asked me to guide and assist them on their cranes. But in general, they were very eager to participate in the movement of making this origami crane. They even asked for more paper to make origami, more … and more. In total, the children in my class  made 37 origami cranes. Add it up with the work of all the other kids at our school, Al Irsyad Satya, it almost reached the number of 200. It represents our sympathy for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Sympathy and donations in other forms, would be given individually. I mean… the school didn’t organized donation for Japan.

Japan is mourning nowadays, suffering by 9 SR earthquake that rocked the country, continued with a destructive tsunami, and continued with the threat of leaking nuclear reactor in Fukushima with its potential of radiation. It’s alarming. But Japanese people seems to be remain alert and do not despair. Our prayers, good friends and our brothers in Japan will be always under the protection of God, and Japan will be quickly recovered from the three disasters that occurred in this same time. Nihon ganbare!

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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2 Responses to World Solidarity for Japan

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I am impressed. The origmi crane has many steps and would be difficult for young children to make. The secret to success is to make three and then teach one other person to do it. That will make the skill yours.
    At school we make a book with one step on each page for the children to follow. We do that with all kinds of origami beginning with the most simple ones that take only a few steps. My two year old granddaughter made a fish with only four folds. She was very happy and proud of that fish and after many four-step things will be ready to try something more challenging.
    Thank You for you kind thoughts about what is going on in Japan these days.

    • batikmania says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Julie. I guided the students through the process on making the crane (and they kept asking me to help them :p). Yes, it seems to be a little difficult, but once you remember, it’s easy, actually.
      And yes… I think we have to make the special origami book for my students. It will be a long work to do 😉 Well… meanwhile, let me just share some of the pictures here on my blog. It’s me who gave them instruction, it’s me who assisted them through the process, and it’s me also who took the pictures and write the blog posting. It’s fun, though 😉
      My sympathy and prayer keep going to people in Japan. I’ve been there in Gunma for 1,5 year, so I have a strong warm feeling for Japan and all friends there. Still want to go back there someday.

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