My Writing Target-Closer to Deadline

After staying up for days without any success, I finally began to show progress, completing one part of the story for completion target of 60 pages of manuscript. I will send it to a book writing contest held by Pusbuk (Indonesian book center). Hope that my book draft will be the champion and be published later (hoping mode on)

I searched for old collection of my children short stories (not many, though), and found a short story that can be edited just a little to be included in the compilation of this manuscript. It was one of the story that I sent to a writing contest last year held by Bobo magazine and did not qualified to get any award :(. So I edit it a bit, make it another additional 4 pages.

In total, it is still only 44 pages. 16 pages to go to fulfill the requirement of 60 pages. Come on, Dee, getting closer to the deadline at the end of this month, and reach my writing target to complete the whole manuscript. Check the grammar and spelling, writing and re-check again, edit the script and complete various other requirements, such as completeness of data, the revelation of the authenticity of the manuscript letter, letter from school, and so on and so forth.

Mr Wijaya, who became the 1st winner in the same competition last year, wrote a check list for the participants in his blog. Let’s check and re-check, make sure there is no missing requirement, and send my manuscript file right after it’s all done. Let’s join the competition, and win!

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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2 Responses to My Writing Target-Closer to Deadline

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    Deadlines can be a good thing or very stressful. I wish you the best of luck. I enjoyed visiting your blog and hope to see ggood news in the future.

  2. batikmania says:

    Thank you for visiting, Julie. Thanks also for wishing me good luck for the writing competition. I’m working on it. I will update this blog quite regularly (well… at least once a week) 😉 I will visiting your blog regularly too and be inspired by your quilting works 😉

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