2011 Reading Challenge

I saw on Goodreads, and I grabbed the challenge directly. This year, how many book I would like to read? I’m targeting to read 15 books only. 1 book each month, plus 3 additional books. Seems like enough challenge, for me.

What I mean about Book is one with a certain quantity, which is over 150 pages thick. Well, that will require enough endurance to finish reading the book. Because it happened several times, that I did not completely finish reading a thick book. Sometimes I got tired following the storyline which is less interesting, or sometimes I lost my spirit to finish it. Finally I close the book without knowing the end story : p But for the 15 books this year, I MUST read every single words from the book till the last page.

What happen to my reading habit? I still have it for sure. I still do. I still read some magazines each month. The usual ones are Intisari, Reader’s Digest, and ChicPrevention Indonesia is good too. Moreover, I have got some prizes from the magazine 😉 It makes me to think to re-subscribe, besides the opportunity to get other prizes. (Haha…. it’s me, the prize hunter :p)

My other reading activity is I do visiting some blogs of friends, both in English and Indonesian. Learning from their writing style and get a lot of knowledge from the contents of their blog posting. After much reading, I hope I could increase the quality and quantity of my writing too. Meanwhile, my target to read 15 books also have to start from now. Soon. Hm … it’s getting closer to the end of January, and I have not finished any books! Come on Dee, start reading!

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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5 Responses to 2011 Reading Challenge

  1. idanalhadjri says:

    What type of books do you like to read?
    If it happens to be fiction novels, i think you should check on my newborn blog :p
    I know it’s still very premature because I’ve just started it, but it can give you ideas (although vaguely) about what to read. I hope i can help a little. Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Idan says:

    Hey there! 🙂
    i would like to know what kind of books do you usually read?
    If it’s somewhere along the line of fiction novels, then i think you need to check on my newborn blog :p I know it is still premature since i’ve just started writing it, but i hope it can give you, although vaguely, ideas about what to read. thanks 🙂

    • batikmania says:

      Visited your blog once, mr.Idan. Nice blog. Good reference. Keep reading, keep writing, keep blogging. I might visit your blog again another time. Insya Allah. 🙂

  3. Julie Fukuda says:

    I belong to “Good Reads” too but I would never think of setting a goal as I am the world’s slowest reader. I always carry a book with me and read while on the train or waiting for something or someone. My #2 daughter also belongs and she seems to read several books a day.

    • batikmania says:

      Don’t worry, Julie. Compare to you, I’m a slow reader. And unfortunately, I can’t read on my way to school where I teach because I drive my own car. And usually I got home tired already, can’t spare time to read 😦 So my target is quite low, only 1 book each month, plus 3 more additional. Hope I can get there. Just started my first book 😉

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