Happy Holiday Making This Happy Gift Box

One week of school holiday almost over, and I haven’t done anything, as proof that I really can be more productive during vacation. Usually, I always be busy at work, and use it as a an excuse for doing nothing. Well, this holiday, just combine with new year event, made me declare myself, that I HAVE TO produce something.
Thank God, having internet connection at home-made me able to explore the cyber world, took me to new links to some interesting websites. One of the sites I saw was the sew, mama, sew. There is a beautiful fabric handicraft products, which seems easy to make. They named it the Happy Hostess Gift Box. I didn’t wait for long. Soon I left the computer screen to get to my sewing machine.
I collect fabrics that I can used, including dismantling an old pair of pants that I rarely wear. The procedure of making the box is easy. It is as simple as below:
1. Cut two pieces of fabric at the same size. It will be better to have them in different motives to make it more attractive.
2. Sew all four sides, let about 3 cm not to be sewn on one side.
3. Flip the fabric, make the inside part come out (through the section that is not sewn in  step 2 above).
4. Sew the fabric with a distance of about 1 mm from the edge.
5. Sew all four sides of the cloth with a distance of 2-3 cm.
6. The last stage, sew every corner of the cloth to form a box. And show your work 😉
Suggestions: It’s better to apply a layer of harder cloth inside to make the shape more solid. The result of my work did not use that layer, and the results were not very satisfactory, although not exactly disappointing as well.

My handmade happy gift box

After I publish it on my facebook wall, I tag sew, mama, sew! They also tag my picture and it was displayed in their photo album, along with other craft works. Well… it makes me want to make another work. I’m being a little addicted already 😉

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