A Little Force Will Do ;)

Time for lunch in my school, Al Irsyad Satya. My students always have excuses not to eat their rice and side dishes that have already served at the dining table. Though what they have to do is just to eat them. They don’t have to plant or cook anything. Just take the meal, put it on to their plate, then eat, chew and swallow. How easy it is, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, my students are … sorry to say, … most of them are spoiled kids, who use to get whatever they want. Or, not getting whatever they need, simply because they don’t want it.

And here I am, handle 12 students in my class, Primary 2 students, I used some “violence” at lunch, combined with persuasion and seduction 😉 What I mean with violence here is actually a little compulsion to add vegetables to their plates and then eat the food available. The struggle to persuade them sometimes end up with sweet result 😉
Usually, I start with a little persuasion, ask them to try some of the veggie that served on the table. If that does not work, I added with some force, which usually ends with victory (yeay. ..!!!), adding one or two pieces of vegetables to their plates. At least, they eat their veggie for the day (who knows… they might actually succeed escaping from eating veggie at home. Oh no… they can’t getaway from me :p). On several occasions, they even ask for more, you know? Double winning for me;) Yeay …! Really, Sometimes what they need is just a little force;)
By the way, check this blog out. This is a story about our obligations, as parents, to make our children eat veggies.

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5 Responses to A Little Force Will Do ;)

  1. shwankie says:

    Thank you for sharing the link to my blog! I enjoyed reading your entry, and am looking forward to exploring your blog more. It’s refreshing to see parents, educators, and other adults taking responsibility for teaching children, and not just catering to them to get them to be quiet!

    • batikmania says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and write such a nice compliment 😉 I appreciate it so much. Actually I get inspired by your blog posting which is shown on freshly pressed on wordpress. Congrats! I love it, and strongly agree with your point. And yes, I think it is parents or/and teachers’ role to encourage the kids to eat healthy food. It’s for their own benefit, anyway.

  2. dyth says:

    Verry good. I like it…..

  3. Hehe, or a ‘Sheep effect’ 😀

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