Global Handwashing Day

Today, October 15, was ordained as Global Handwashing Day (GHD). The UN initiated the idea and set it as global hand washing day since 2008. There is also the event of Blog Action Day with its theme of water rescue.
This is our effort to ward off disease that can affect our bodies. Various diseases can come through the intermediary hand that is full of germs. Therefore, let’s get used to wash our hands with soap. Let’s make it a habit so our children would wash their hands before eating or after doing their activities especially outdoor ones and refining the hand washing activities using soap.
It is very common to wash our hands with water only, but soap can help shed fat and dirt that contain germs. With the correct use of soap, we can wash away the germs that cause disease. Any kind of soap will do, although the liquid soap is informed as one of the most effective type of soap, as reported by the newsletter of the Indonesian department of health.
This year, GHD will involve schools and focusing on children, to educate them early started from school. Hopefully, they can bring this healthy habit to their houses and act as agents of change in the family, as reported by the Eureka Foundation Indonesia in their news online. Last year, Unilever Indonesia was supported this movement, and expected Indonesian children could bring these good habits to grow more healthy and protected from many diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, respiratory infections, intestinal worms, up to Hepatitis A.
Some supporting items of this campaign spread to various places, especially schools. Unfortunately, our school was late to get this information, although still get a few stickers and books contains useful information about this campaign. So get ready! We will apply this global handwashing day movement to our children, even our selves. It is simple action. You could see the details in the following news of Indonesian department of health website. Let us prevent disease by washing hands with soap. Not just today, but let us begin to get used to it again, starting today.

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      Thank you for your visit and comment. Yes, I think I have to visit WordPress Pack to make it more attractive. I have to do more research before posting. 😉 Thanks again.

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