Watching Sammy Hatched ;)

in front of the 3D poster of Sammy's Adventure

The end of school holiday, I finally had a chance to watch a movie in the cinema. Together with my sister and her 3 children, we watched a 3D movie, which is a new experience for them. Deliberately watching on weekdays, we did it so that the ticket prices are not draining the wallet :p
Seeing the adventure of Sammy the turtle with a variety of fish and other marine life that seems to be exist in front of our eyes, it’s amazing… I heard that my nephews and niece become addictive with the 3D movie. Hm … If it does, I’ll leave the affairs to their parents. Hehe …

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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3 Responses to Watching Sammy Hatched ;)

  1. uny says:

    aku belum nonton film itu…
    kapan2 pinjem dvdnya ah….

    -salam kenal-

  2. ade says:

    how surely this exciting ^ _ ^

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