Moving to My Class

It’s time for moving. Our work station that had been concentrated in the staff room, it has to be moved to our own classes now. This means all equipments and goods must be removed from the teachers’ staff room. It may be taken along to the classroom, or sorted to be used or discarded.

Last Saturday (17/7), we were busy at school to de-clutter our cubicle and move stuffs to the classrooms. As I am the ‘rich one’ (ah), I am struggling alone with my stuffs. During the three years of my existence in this school, Al Irsyad Satya, I had never moved from my cubicle, while the things that I bring to my desk keep increasing. It’s not only ordinary objects that I use everyday, but also a variety of inventory of the art works of my students, which each time it keeps increasing and threatened to drown me down :p

My (suppose to be tidy) workspace in the classroom

This morning, bit by bit I moved my stuffs to the classroom, Primary 2. I choose and separate papers whether it can still be used or just simply toss it to the trash. I have to bring some students’ art works to be stored in the art room to give more space for my work station. Much more, hm … I think I have to bring some things home. Don’t worry, it’s my personal possessions which I had brought to school. So now, there is enough space for the things that really belongs to the school. Well… be ready, my class could be overcrowded 😉

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2 Responses to Moving to My Class

  1. Gerald Donovan says:

    That’s very interesting – at my school we also don’t use a staff room, we ask our teachers to base themselves in the classroom so that they can be always available, visible, and closer to the students.

    I would be interested to hear from you about how you think this has affected your planning, teaching, and your relationship with your students.

  2. batikmania says:

    Thank you for stopping by, Mr.Donovan. In my previous school we also apply this system for long. I believe it will create stronger bond between the students and the teacher. The teaching-studying activities quality will be improved, I believe. It takes time for quite a while to get use to this “new” system, but it will being improvements in some areas.

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