Subject: the smiling lady

Asl WR WB. Ms. Dee.
Rinad is so sad that she doesn’t get to see you in her classes anymore. She feels the same about Ms. Shita. Somehow she looks up to both of you. One day in a near past, Rinad and I were talking about teachers. You were one of those we talked about. Rinad was wondering why does she like you very much. At school, she feels comfortable when she is around you. I said to her, “may be because she (Ms. Dee) always smiles. And her smile comes from her heart”. Rinad agreed. So, Ms. Dee, keep smiling because when you smile, the whole world smiles with you.
That e-mail delivered to my mailbox from a student’s parent. Wow… that e-mail is really touched my heart. To be honest, I kind of “sad” too for can not teaching most of my previous students, both in Primary and Secondary. I miss them already.
Since I am Primary 2 form teacher now, I teach several subjects in the class. I’m not teaching Art & Culture to other level but Primary 2 only. Really, I miss the Art & Culture lesson with my students already.
And about my smile? I can stick it to my face, which come from my heart 🙂

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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