The President is Coming to Town ;)

Last week, our president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was around, nearby. He was scheduled to attend congress of the Democratic Party which is held in Bandung, Mason Pine Hotel to be precise. The hotel is located across our school, Al Irsyad Satya Islamic School. Since the distance is very close to our school, it’s affected to some adjustments to our school’s schedule.

Cars queue on the road in front of our school.

On Friday, considering the flow of the traffic which will be extremely crowded that day (as seen in the picture above, only a few meters before the curve to our school parking lot), it became students’ holiday. Presidential security requires thorough sterilization of the area nearby. School children who are very eager and enthusiastic might cause distraction to the event. Seeing the soldiers and policemen in uniform colors, ranging from green, brown, dark blue, to black, with short-and long-barreled guns, children who have high curiosity  might approach, admire, wonder… and just simply distracting : p

The street in front of schools became so crowded. Some police cars parked directly in front of the school gates. It’s a real rare phenomenon. Not necessarily occur once a year. In the afternoon, it caused extra long queue of the vehicles that deliver and pick up the participants to the front gate of the hotel where the congress being held, in addition to various media who covered the news directly from the site. Further effect of the event was… pile of trashes here and there. Too bad. Bad attitude.

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2 Responses to The President is Coming to Town ;)

  1. ardi says:

    salam mau nanya gimana cara bikin profil dibawah postingan?seperti diatas

    • batikmania says:

      Profil di bawah postingan? Hehe… saya bikin aja tulisan itu (Batikmania) sebagai gambar, lalu di-post secara manual, sebagaimana menyertakan gambar. Biasa aja. 😉

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