Changing Theme

WordPress has soooo many free template/theme for our blog appearance. It is confusing to choose one of the most appropriate for our site. If you like sport, there are so many templates with sport theme. If you like nature, it surely available. You like art? Science? Anything, name it. You can easily find it in WordPress, available, and free.

It is so tempting that I finally moved my finger to click on one new theme available, and changed the appearance of my blog in second. But hey, wait!!! Where are all my widgets that I have applied to it? Oh-My-God, everything is gone!!! So I have to start from the very beginning to create the widgets one by one until it looks like what we seen today.

Well, then, I learn my lesson. I won’t easily change my blog template with a new theme (and to make it more tempting, all of it are free!!!). I have to make sure that it is customizable, easy to apply, and “safe” (in the term that it won’t makes you go back to step zero on blog-arranging). One of the tempting theme is available at I like the simplicity of it, it is customizable, and other advantages as it is advertised. Two clean column just suitable and represent simple yet chic organization of the postings and widget column.

Well, this time I have to ask the administrator in advance, and should not forget to save the appearance of my present blog to keep a record of it. I might change the appearance of my blog again, soon. 😉 I might encourage my students to use the service of as well. Blogging is one of their assignment, and they have to manage at least one blog of themselves.They would love to explore all new templates. They might be tempted to have more than one blog to keep the other blog. Who knows…? 😉

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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