Recently, I joined an online community entitled This is a good site about art and stuff. Suitable for me as an art teacher. I can share my students’ works and make them proud that their works can be viewed by people from all over the globe. It inspired the other students to do their best so their works could be displayed on kids-space too 😉
I can communicate with other members of Kids-Space, mostly are teachers. I hope we can exchange information about teaching -especially about teaching art and craft-, get inspired by each other, and in the end be better teacher.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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  1. jumialely says:

    Salam mampir ya mbak, da lama ga kunjungan

  2. Diah says:

    Makasih atas kunjungannya, mbak Lely. Saya juga sudah lama nggak blogwalking. Lagi sok sibuk dengan persiapan ujian-ujian kelas 3 SMP & 6 SD 😉

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