Still Life Art Works

This term, Secondary 1 learn about Still Life Drawing. Showed them some links on youtube on drawing still life so they can learn from the experts. For several weeks, they practice drawing many objects. The final assignment is drawing an Orchid plant. No flowers there, so it is actually easier for them to draw. By the way, there are 2 promising buds come out of the plant.

Alkas' expressive drawing

Some students make their drawings seriously, make me so happy with the results. Alka, one of the student, is very expressive. He draws almost every object with strong and bold lines,  makes a strong impression of the drawing. While Feizal did it very well with all the soft and bold lines, shade and other strokes made by his pencil and drawing skill. Very nice. Compare to my own drawing, I think he will make it better when he is keep practicing 😉

Feizal's drawing

My drawing

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