My Students’ Achievements

Saturday, 12 December 2009. Our school went to Safari Park, Bogor to have end term learning journey. It supposed to be a (quite) short trip, but unexpectedly, one bus got trouble on its way home. The other bus has to wait for it, included me as one of the teacher. My bus, number 2, has reached school quite early. Some students being picked up by their parents already, but the other were still around, waiting for their children to be brought home.

I stayed at school to accompany some parents who were ready to pick up their children. My phone went off already. It’s my birthday and a lot of messages and b’day greeting came in from my friends. I replied to most of them and the battery on my phone dropped down so quickly. By the time I need it, it went off 😦 So I just spent the time by chit-chatting with some parents. 30 minutes after midnight, bus number 3 arrived, brought the rest of my students, included some of the choir members who will perform in the morning.

Sunday morning, 13 December 2009, around 7 in the morning, the choir team members, 8 primary girls, came to school one by one to prepare their performance. Two teachers plus one parent soon be busy putting some make up on them and set their costumes. They rehearsed the vocal and their movement. I take a part on it actively. Ready or not, they have to perform.

Meanwhile, I have to lead 4 other secondary students, all girls, to participate in painting competition. Actually it’s a competition on decorating traditional umbrella. They consulted with me about some ideas on how to decorate the umbrella. I gave them some ideas and tips, but later on they have to do things by themselves. I know they could.They have the ability and willingness, that’s why I chose them.

We went to location using 2 vans, and get ready for each of our activities. The choir team performed quite well. They are very pretty in their black and yellow costumes. Their performance was not as good as the final rehearsal. I think they had stage fright, so they were not performed on their best capacity. Considering what they had done just hours before, I think they were good enough. They got a trophy as the promising 1 champion. Not bad… 😉

And for the drawing competition, two of 4 from my students got award and prize, with no rank position. Their drawings are included in 10 of the best artworks. Congratulation, my girls. I’m proud of you all. May this achievement become a trigger to reach greater achievements in the future. Insya Allah.

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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