My First Trophy

After the long waiting, finally the dateline met its limit. I managed to maintain another blog to  take a part on a blog writing competition held by Pusat Bahasa, but organized by The blog must focus on language or literature, and it has to be written in Indonesian. I named the blog I keep maintain and updated the postings quite regulary, and there are more than 10o postings in it. I wrote some of them, noted/copied from other source, included quote of the day.

At the end of October, the announcement came up. My blog announced as the promising 1 winner from 383 participants. Alhamdulilah. From 6 of the winner, I am the only woman. Does it represents of the amount of blogger women in the cyber world? Maybe not. It might be just a number, anyway.

I got the prize, certain amount of money (in Indonesian currency, surely) plus a trophy. It is my first trophy ever. Really. I won some competitions before, but never get any trophy before. Medal, maybe. Certificate, surely. Prizes too. But this is my first trophy. I hope it will lead to other winnings, prizes, and trophies as well. 😉

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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4 Responses to My First Trophy

  1. hello miss diah add me ok putraalexandro nice have day

  2. ScytheCraft says:

    miss bagi bagi tropy nya

  3. galuh says:

    miss add me at,i hope you win again and get throphy.AMIIIIN

  4. batikmania says:

    @Putra & Galuh: I will surely visit your blogs once in a while. Write good postings, will you 😉

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