From My Lovely Students

My mother passed away on 7th November after hospitalized for more than two weeks, struggled with stroke that paralyzed her. I was off from school for several days, leave my poor students (and colleagues, for sure). Why poor? Because I am the only Art teacher, other teacher could not replacing my work. How would they teach the students to sing when they don’t know the song, yet sing the song “correctly”? How would they teach the students to make such an artwork when they don’t know the method on making the artwork?

Made by Puteri-P5

Well… anyway, my colleagues teacher could find another program so my students still do some activities when I was off from school. They make greeting cards for me and my late mother. Those are such beautiful works. They made it beautifully, and it represent the students’ feeling, their empathy for me, their teacher. Thank you, my dear students (and colleagues, for sure)

Made by Jasmine Nur-P2

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Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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2 Responses to From My Lovely Students

  1. masdin says:

    Wonderful! you keep posting in English. Btw, this is my counter visit and comment as you did in my blog, thank you 🙂

  2. batikmania says:

    Thanks to you too, Mr. Masdin. This blog is dedicated to all teachers and students who would like to keep improving their English (mine too)

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