Ramadhan This Year…

Ramadhan kareemEncouraging
As a teacher in lower Primary, I think it is extremely important to be a good motivator and a good model for my students. This year, I was assigned to be Primary 2 form teacher. They are such nice kids. Well… ya… some of them are very energetic and ‘creative’ (if I can’t say disobedient and a bit naughty :p), but the other are so clever, diligent, obedient and smart. They like to hear stories before we pray, and that is the time when I can tell them many many good things as sample in life. They can hear the story, learn from it, and inspired to become a better person. Insya Allah.
I encourage my students to do fasting. Before Ramadhan, I asked them question whether they would like to perform full fasting during Ramadhan month or not. Some of them are very eager to do so, and can’t wait for Ramadhan to come. They want and still need praises, acknowledgement to their achievement. Some of them are not too eager, even doubt themselves, whether they are able to do fasting through the day or not. Still… I encourage them to do fasting, at least until 2 PM, when they are at school. One day, they will be proud of themselves who keep fasting day by day during Ramadhan month, although it must be very hard and challenging. But they will be proud someday, that they are able to do fasting for the whole month during Ramadhan.

Activities During the Day
After subuh, when students are not going to school, it will be good to have many activities. Give them sample that we, the parents, do activities as well, instead of back to sleep after shalat subuh. If helping the parents do house cleaning is too tiring for the children, give them books so they can read quality stories to start the day. It will be even better to recite quran together with the whole family member. When I’m still a little kid back then, I used to play board games with my sisters. It was fun, and not tiring at all. Close to maghrib, I read a lot, play another game, or watch TV. Yeah… yeah… I know sometimes TV stations do not provide qualified TV program for children, what a pity… Then let’s prepare our own dishes for breaking the fast instead.

Perform Break Fasting together
Maghrib is the time when children are very eager to wait for it to come. They (as I did so a long time ago, when I was still a kid) like to prepare many sweet dishes to break their fast. Assorted fruits in sweet cold syrup could be their favourite. It will be very refreshing to have it in the evening to break our fast. Kolak, a special Indonesian dish, will be nice to become appetizer after fasting for a day. Banana or sweet potato, boiled in sweet liquid of mixture of water and brown sugar. Add some coconut milk, hmm… warm or cold, it will be delicious. Waiting for maghrib, will be a pleasant moment when children gather together and playing around so they won’t feel their hunger. Another pleasure for children is when they have a chance to help their parents to prepare the dish for ifthar/break the fasting. Let them prepare the dishes, and help themselves to serve other. Through these activities, they learn how to share and being empathetic as well. What a great reward we can get from these activities.
May this Ramadhan be better than the previous one. May Allah shower us with His blessings throughout the holy month, and be cleaned to embrace Syawal. Let us meet another Ramadhan to get the beauty and all good things we can get during the blessing month. May Allah please us. Amiin.

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9 Responses to Ramadhan This Year…

  1. kelik says:

    Selamat menikmati indahnya Rhamadhan di tahun ini.

  2. batikmania says:

    Semoga bisa menikmati indahnya Ramadhan tahun depan juga, dan mengisinya lebih baik dari Ramadhan tahun ini. Insya Allah.

  3. Mimin says:

    Selamat Mbak…, musti belajar banyak nih sama Bu Guru 🙂

  4. fety says:

    it is a beautiful story 🙂
    thanks for sharing..

    best wishes,

  5. batikmania says:

    @Mbak Mimin: saya juga masih belajar kok. Setelah caya crosscheck ke salah seorang native speaker di sekolah kami, wah… salah tulisnya (grammar, terutama) ternyata banyak sekali. Jadi malu hati.

  6. batikmania says:

    @Mbak Fety: Thanks for reading and write comment. It’s good to be able to share something, even only a small thing.

  7. batikmania says:

    This posting is chosen as one of 5 best runner-ups on Ramadan Blogging Competition held by IslamOnline.net last October (2009). Here’s the link to the announcement http://www.islamonline.net/servlet/Satellite?c=Article_C&cid=1254573300647&pagename=Zone-English-ArtCulture%2FACELayout

  8. wulan says:

    hey, such a great blog..
    and i like ur writting about ramadhan..
    i write about it too but in special occasion: Dugderan in semarang..
    hope u will visit mine too 🙂

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