Cubicle Etiquette

Our staff room in our school has cubicles for each of us to work (besides our own classroom). Searching for the etiquette in cubicle, I copy an article, with tips and tricks when you are working in cubicle. Hope it is useful.
Cubicle-EttiquetteDo you find that your colleagues are hovering around you when you’re on the phone? Do you feel that you are not being respected when you are doing something urgent and people just barge in on you?

If you work in a cubicle, here are some guidelines to follow for good cubicle etiquette:

  • You see the person you wish to talk to on the phone. Please go back to them later, once they have gotten off of the phone, since hovering over them will make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Do you listen to music while at work? Please do a favour to people around you and use earphones. Some people prefer peace and quiet.
  • If you need to talk on the phone, make sure that you keep your voice to a lower volume. Not everyone is interested in listening to your conversations, especially the personal ones.
  • When you are talking on the phone, try to keep your personal calls short, since some people have a tendency to eavesdrop on your conversations.
  • Turn off your cellular phone or put it on vibrate mode, since it disrupts others around you.
  • It can be offensive to other staff if you swear or put down people in conversations. Keep this either to yourself or speak of it outside of the office.
  • If you are decorating your cubicle, make sure to place items that are not offensive to others, since something to you might be funny, but offensive to others.
  • If you are going to enter another staff member’s cubicle, make sure to knock first. Just think of it as entering an office.
  • Be considerate of others and either make a phone call to the person who you wish to speak with or walk over to their cubicle. Don’t speak across the room, since this can disrupt others.
  • If you need to warm up your lunch, please try to keep it in the lunch room. Some foods that you may think of as pleasant might be upsetting to others.
  • If you need to borrow items from another person’s desk, please make sure to ask them first. If it’s urgent, leave them a note stating what you borrowed.
  • Overhearing phone conversations is a no-no. If you do overhear a phone conversation, make sure to keep it to yourself.

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2 Responses to Cubicle Etiquette

  1. afi says:

    Some of the rules pretty much work for us. … the point is why don’t we select the more appropriate ones and print it and post it in the ‘learning and sharing board’ coz almost noone -in our office-checking your post, sadly.

  2. batikmania says:

    Well… soon all of our colleagues must have blog and we’ll be visiting our blogs each other. They’ll read my posting 😉 Besides, I just copy and paste the article from this site without any editing, to make sure they are the owner of the copyright. Well… you can voluntarily select some items/points from the article and post it on the sharing board. Will you, Ms. Afi? 😉

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