Progress Report

My P-2 students

Saturday, 20 June 2009 became the last day for us meeting our students. For me, it means my last day in the classroom meeting my Primary 2 students. After a year with them, be together in the classroom, accompany them in contact time sessions, share dining table with them (especially the girls), told them to finish their meal, pray with them, play with them, and just simply do daily activities with them. The bonding between us is getting stronger. They got to know me better, and surely I know them with better understanding. The parents are getting involved as well. They called me, send me messages through cellphone, connecting in facebook, it become good relationship. I’ll miss all that. But surely we’ll keep communicating, and our relationship will be expanding with the upcoming students and parents. Hope it’ll become a better relationship. Insya Allah.
Don’t worry, students, you’ll still see me in the next academic year. As an Art teacher, teaching all levels, I will teach every classes every level. And the students will surely see me every year. Haha… Hope they won’t get bored with me 😉 We’ll make better artworks, OK? And I’ll write short review about it to be posted here in this blog. We’ll arrange exhibition at the end of the year and the best artworks will be displayed so audience (parents and other visitors) can see what the students have learned in the Art sessions. Only the best artwork will be published here (in this blog) as well, so do your best, and see you next academic year in the class. 😉
The Kindergartens By the way, on the same day it was also a moment of graduation. It was Kindergarten 2 and Primary 6′ moment. There were sacred graduation procession, medals to be awarded, and some performances from Kindies and extra curricular units. It was fun, it was great. Next year, it will be merrier, since there will be graduates from Secondary too. (And surely there will be more efforts and hard work to do ;))

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