I-Fest 2009 at Al Irsyad Satya

Saturday, 25 April 2009. We had BIG event at school. Held at Al Irsyad Satya area, there are a lot of activities being done simultaneously, from morning till afternoon.

p4250304Started with event opening, it was continued with tree planting. There are many kind of trees being planted on the school yard. Big fruit trees, such as mango, starfruit, orange, rose apple tree, etc. Students (and surely their parents) were participated in these events actively. Some were performing on the stage, the other took a part on students competition, and student committee members were helping the teachers on doing things. They were very helpful. Thanks, kids.

Some parents were busy recording or just simply took pictures of their kids while they’re performing on the stage, whether playing musical instruments, singing, or shows their ability on pencak silat (an Indonesian traditional martial art). Some other parents were taking a part on bazaar, selling things for visitors. And some other were taking a part on parenting workshop in the hall, along with other participants from invited schools or individual.

Not long after midday, all the activities has been done, finished. All speeches and words has been spoken. All prizes and certificates has been distributed to those who deserve it. All pictures has been taken (included of the committee members (simply the teachers) ;)). Left the school yard empty. Oh… not really empty. Trashes were scattered here and there, simply everywhere. I hate it!!!

Shame to admit, but it is typical Indonesian. (Some) people still don’t care about the environment. They throw trashes without even think of the consequences of what they’re doing. They just think that there is someone (else) who will take care of it, collect the trashes and throw it to the dumping area. It’s just not them. What a very bad habit. No wonder there are a lot of frequent flood happen in several areas in Indonesia. Well… I hope starting with this event, celebrating the earth day, people will be more aware of the environment, the place we’re living in. Starts from a small thing, starts from ourself, (and let’s) starts now!

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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