Art Room

As an Art teacher, I finally got my chance to ‘decorate’ Art Room in our school. Although it is still so empty, bare, without any furniture inside, but at least it has display area at one side of the room.

It is located on the 3rd floor of our massive building of our school. It has glass wall plus windows at one side, facing the car park down there, one more wall to put white board and cabinets (later), and the other wall where the entrance (door) between several more windows. It is a very bright room indeed, but it could be so hot inside at noon.

Display Area

Display Area

I posted some artworks of my students from all levels, the whole classes that I teach, 9 classes in total. I’m glad that it turned to be brighten up the room. Some P-1 students get amazed to see their own artworks were being posted there. They also wondering how some artworks were being made. They couldn’t wait to be in the higher level when they can make similar artworks of their own. Be patient, my students. There’ll be time for you. I’ll be glad to be your guide in the classroom (or in the art room), to show you how to make your own art work. Enjoy it… 😉

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