Primary 2 Project (Clay-moulding)

I arranged activity with clay for Primary 2 this term. It is good to practice their motor skill.

I prepare one block (approximately to 1 kg) of clay for each student. They have been told to bring old big t-shirt to wear during the activity so the clay won’t dirty their uniform.

First step, they have to take some clay using their bare hand (some students seemed to be reluctant on doing this).

Indi on dutyIndi on duty

They then mould it  to make a long clay wire. They create circular shape using it (the clay wire), joint it with another clay wire and make a dish.

Some students made it very neat and tidy. Beautiful. I even thinking of ‘bake’ those craft works to make it permanently hard, just like terracotta or ceramic. They would love it, I believe.

Vickall and his work

Vickall and his work

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