Primary 4 got one session of Glass-Art project. It’s simple, and fun!

I prepare small glasses (actually could be used glass or glass bottle) for the students. I also prepare the paint, glass-art or Art-deco, the brand could be anything, but the procedure is the same anyway. There’s also vinyl sheets attached in the box of the paint if we bought the whole set, plus sample of pictures.

First, draw the picture using liner on the vinyl sheet. Must draw fine lines with it. The second step is fill part of the pictures with colour. Different colours will do, even better to create beautiful picture. Then let the paint dry for a few minutes (or hour) till it shows the effect of stained glass. Beautiful. Peel off the picture from the vinyl sheet. Be careful not not flip it over the surface. Keep it flat, then paste it to the surface of the glass (don’t forget to clean up the surface of it so no dust on it). And voila… there’s the beautiful glass art.

Izza's and Dee's

Izza's and Dee's

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