Keep our Bandung beautiful, euy…!
This is a motto sounded by one of radio station in my town, Bandung, Indonesia, which I agree with it. Very.
I’m getting sick of people’s behaviour on the street lately. Indonesian. People are throwing out trashes from their car. Bandung’s car, Jakarta’s car which also common visible in Bandung area. and cars from other areas of Indonesia. I think they do it lightly, without even thinking, that their attitude will bring bad influence to the environment.
It is common to see trashes thrown out of car’s windows on the street, even from a luxurious car!!! How much does a trash bin will cost you compare to that expensive car? If you can afford to buy a car, how come you can’t get one small trash bin to be put in your car? And don’t forget to USE it!!! Please… do not throw your garbage to the street. You become the garbage yourself. You humiliate yourself. Mentally, you are no higher that the trash you thrown out. Valueless. Well… even trash has value, if we are wise enough to reuse or recycle it. Let’s keep our Bandung beautiful. euy… let’s make it a cleaner place, healthier place to live in. Physically and mentally. Can we???

About batikmania

Love culture in general. Love live as it is universal. Love Allah above all.
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